RED RYDER rides in for February 2020

It’s time for another big show at the Bar-M (McKimmon Center) on the  NCSU campus. Thursday, February 20 at 7:00 pm, we will celebrate RED RYDER!

Red Ryder came to life November 6, 1938 in Stephen Slesinger’s comic strip “Little Beaver”. On June 28, 1940, Red Ryder hit the big screen in the 12 chapter serial “The Adventures of Red Ryder”.

That was 80 years ago!!!

Our first feature will be “California Gold Rush” (1946) starring Wild Bill Elliott as Red Ryder. It co-stars Peggy Stewart in the female lead. Peggy holds several records in the Red Ryder series: She is the only actress to appear with all three Red Ryders and she married the fourth (Don Red Barry).

The headlines proclaimed “ HERO OF MILLIONS…Slugging His Way Through A Thousand Dangers To Battle Murderous Cutthroats In Search Of Gold!” so ya know it’s gotta be good.




Our second feature is “Oregon Trail Scouts” (1947) starring Allan Lane as Red Ryder. This film has Roy Barcroft, Emmett Lynn, Earle Hodgins, and Indians! It’s slam packed with action and excitement.







We will begin with two episodes of our serial “The Tiger Woman” (1944) starring Linda Stirling and Allan Lane.

Chapter 5     “Two Shall Die”               (Which two will be chosen?)









Chapter 6     “Dungeon of the Doomed”      (Can they escape! Or will they perish?)

You will have to be there to findout!

Don’t miss this BIG and EXCITING show!!

Johnny Mack Brown and James Arness ride in for the February WFPS meeting

We have an action packed lineup for the February 21 meeting of the Western Film Preservation Society, Ed Wyatt Chapter at McKimmon Center on the campus of NCSU.

First up is Johnny Mack Brown in “West of Carson City” (1940). His sidekick is Fuzzy JMB-WCCKnight and the leading lady is Peggy Moran. There will be plenty of action with three of the baddest heavies in B-Westerns. With Harry Woods, Roy Barcroft, an Charles King in the same picture (they were only together in 4 films), it doesn’t get any better than that!



JA-GMDOur second feature stars James Arness in “Gun the Man Down” (1956). Robert Wilke is the heavy and this film introduces Angie Dickinson in her screen debut. There is not only plenty of action but also Angie and James! Between the fighting, gunplay, and Angie, you will not want to miss this one!





We will see Chapter 10 of “Batman” (1943) Serial;Batman1943Chapter 10 is “Flying Spies” with Batman and Robin trying to get the Radium before it is put on the airplane. Will Batman escape the next dilemma? You will have to be there to find out.

Don’t miss this big show!      See you there!         Thursday February, 21    7:00 pm