Favorite Places

Everyone has a favorite place he likes to visit on the web. We will update these as we discover new places, so visit often. If you have a western link or two you’d like to share, email us at info <at> reelcowboy.org and we’ll add your link.

Here are a few of our favorite places with a brief description:

  • Bobby Copeland’s Cowboy Pal page. “Home of the Silver Screen Cowboys.” B-Western trivia, books, links. Click here.
  • You can find Tommy Hildreth’s Western Movie (Comet Video) collection here. Comet Video is in Franklin NC.
  • Information about The Western NC Film Festival can be found here.
  • You’ll find some interesting “backstories” and alot of buzz about Westerns of all kinds at Henry’s Western Roundup.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Places”

  1. Joe Perriccio said:

    You asked for comments. First off, it is great that we have a website, we now can communicate with one another and get “real” time news other than the monthly newsletter. However, there is another website about B western movies preservation society entitled reelcowboyS.org. Are you aware of that? That similiarity is going to cause much confusion. Also there is no reference in the website for a contact or how to join for the $10.00 a year. You might want to check out the other cowboy website and get some tips on their layout, it is impressive. But thank you for your effort, we have to crawl before we walk.

    • Thanks Joe!

      Yes, we did know about reelcowboys. I discussed with Nikki and we thought this will be OK for now–especially since they are based on the West Coast. I hope it won’t cause too much confusion for our club members.

      Also, “joining the club” is in the works, so keep an eye out, pardner!

      Again, thanks taking the time to share your thoughts. This is our vision for having this tool available to the club. Hope you will continue to contribute!

  2. Hello. Just discovered your site.

    I’m located in Raleigh and run a blog dedicated to Westerns of the 1950s — fiftieswesterns.com.

    Will be sure to make it out to the next meeting.

  3. Hi,

    I’m new to your site. My husband and I are B-Western fans, especially Hoppy movies. I am looking for the identification of the artist who did many of, what appears to be, the pencil drawings during the opening and closing credits of Hoppy films. I have had no luck. If anyone knows or can give me any web leads I’d be most grateful!

    Thanks so much. Look forward to your newsletters.

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