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. . . one of the Great Trios of the B-Westerns: William Boyd, George (Gabby) Hayes and James Ellison.

Feature 1: Heart Of The West (Paramount, 1936) Starring William Boyd, Jimmy Ellison, George Hayes and Lynn Gilbert. Directed by Howard Bretherton.

Hopalong Cassidy and George "Gabby" Hayes (Art © Jim Sanders)

Hopalong Cassidy and George “Gabby” Hayes (Art © Jim Sanders)

Feature 2: The Ivory-Handled Gun (Universal, 1935) Starring Buck Jones, Charlotte Wynters, Walter Miller and Carl Stockdale. Directed by Ray Taylor.

And don’t miss the 13th and FINAL Chapter of Raiders of Ghost City (Universal, 1944) Starring Dennis Moore, Wanda McKay, Lionel Atwill and Virginia Christine. Directed by Ray Taylor and Lewis Collins.

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