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For our November meeting, see a young Roy Rogers in Republic’s “Silver Spurs”

Art © 2013 by Jim Sanders

Art © 2013 by Jim Sanders

The singing cowboy who followed in Gene Autry’s wake became ‘The King of the Cowboys.’ Roy soared to the heights of stardom as one of the greatest of all western stars. Along with his wife and co-star Dale Evans, and Trigger (the smartest horse in the movies) the Roy Rogers musical westerns were some of the most popular of the genre. He was always on the side of right and always stuck up for the weak and oppressed. Roy Rogers represented what we hoped America would always stand for.

Our lineup for the November 17th meeting:

Silver Spurs (Republic, 1943) Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, John Carradine, Phyllis Brooks and the Sons of the Pioneers. Directed by Joseph Kane

Outlaw Country (Western Adventure, 1949) Starring Lash LaRue, Al St. John, Nancy Saunders and Dan White. Directed by Ray Taylor

Chapter 4, The Valley of Vanishing Men (Columbia, 1942)

Live music by The Trailblazers.

See you there!